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Our architectural design team will give you nothing but the best designs ever
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let's build your dream house
Our company has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence
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We give our clients nothing but the best of excellent works
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Who we are

We offer flexible development management expertise to  stakeholders in the public and private sectors, we have influenced, fostered and delivered some of Accra’s most prominent buildings and locations.
We advise on, lead and manage all aspects of property and development, from land acquisition and property
design, through town planning and construction. Our experience and expertise span through all stages of the project lifecycle, fusing  commercial awareness, technical know-how and instinctive people skills to unlock value and make great places through every decision, strategy and action.

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How we work

  • We ensure that we provide a safe and clean work
    environment for our workers, consultants and
    contractors at all times.
  • We aim to create an enabling and exciting working
    environment that motivates our workers to achieve their
    full potential.
  • We aim to provide successful project outcomes for our
    clients by applying our human resources, experience,
    innovative approach and building skills.
  • We offer a range of consulting services to enhance the
    value we can bring to our clients’ operations.
  • We continue to improve our systems and project
    delivery to achieve excellent performance in all areas of
    our operations.

About Our Company

Our Commitment to Construction

Committed to building Standocs through accountability, innovation, quality and sustainability. We take pride in providing a quality product on time, the first time. We endeavor to place a Standocs signature on all our projects by consistently meeting the requirements of the specifications and by delivering sustainable projects that are a superior value to the owner. All affords we do in our work are intended to serve our clients needs. We value creativity and durability, strength and power, innovations and technical progress.


The Customer’s satisfaction is our priority. “Quality and Reliability” is Consmark Construction Company’s  ommitment to its clients and partners. Team members ensure this promise is not welshed on by working with integrity and dedication. This motto has defined who Consmark Construction Company  imited is since its beginning in 2015. We stand behind our work on every project and strive for excellence. It is through this belief that we attribute all of our success and look to build lasting relationships with our clients into the future.

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